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A clean, healthy work environment is one of the most important aspects of running your business, and keeping your staff happy. At GTA Office Cleaners, we know that happy staff are productive staff, and productive staff bring in more business! With Toronto winter upon us, your space is at the mercy of the elements - mud, snow, and salt can make the tidiest spaces look disheveled. That’s why we offer convenient office cleaning schedules to ensure your commercial space is always in its best shape to motivate your employees, and impress your customers. Our staff is on-hand to provide you with a friendly team dedicated to keeping your office space clean!

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GTA Office Cleaner’s comprehensive take on commercial cleaning services involves detailed inspection of your office cleaning needs to create your schedule for regular and thorough cleaning and sanitation of all highly-trafficed areas of your commercial business space. Whether you need a deep clean, or regularely scheduled maintenance, GTA Office Cleaner’s custom cleaning solutions will provide meticulous care using eco-friendly and toxin-free cleaning products.

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Complete Commercial Office Cleaning Services by GTA Office Cleaners

You can trust the professionals at GTA Office Cleaners to clean and sanitize any commercial space. From offices, to stores, to medical centres, our teams are bonded, insured, and experienced in providing the best commercial cleaning services:

  • Window cleaning
  • Floor care & maintenance - vacuuming, mopping
  • Dusting of all surfaces and ledges
  • Disinfecting desks, phones, and computer accessories
  • Full kitchen & washroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Cleaning of all external cabinet doors

GTA Office Cleaners takes pride in offering friendly & meticulous service to all our commercial office cleaning clients. We respond to all inquiries for commercial janitorial services quickly, and are happy to create custom schedules to suit your business needs. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly to ensure your employees and customers are always safe and comfortable.

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GTA Office Cleaners has provided us with over a decade of service. I recommend them as the top office cleaning company in Toronto!

Brian Brisbin

Famed Toronto Architect, BBB Architects

Thank you Curtis for providing such a consistent office cleaning service over the past 5 years. It’s been a great experience working together

Ron James

Legendary Canadian Comedian

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